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Primary Sources

The secondary sources I have been using address the philosophy that led to the creation of Brook Farm. While this is useful to understand the perceptions of some members of Brook Farm, it excludes some of the less prominent members of the community. In my research, I’ve turned to primary sources to understand the lives of ordinary members. Fortunately for me as a reader, Brook Farmers tend to be optimistic. Letters and memoirs that I’ve searched through for information are interesting and quick to read. In addition, specific thoughts about the community are easy to locate. Their notes on their lives at Brook Farm are a useful addition to the secondary source material I’ve used because they make the personal aspect of Brook Farm, which my project aims to understand, more easily interpreted.



  • Thanks! It’s caused a little problem with my secondary sources because they all focus on other things, but at the same time lots of little bits can be taken from them. I’ve had a fun time with primaries because they talk a lot about playing piano all day or talking with some famous person, but then they also mention that one of their friends is disenchanted with Brook Farm and thinking about leaving.

  • I really like how you’re trying to focus on the lives of the ordinary members of Brook Farm. I feel like it is really easy to just focus on the prominent people, and completely forget about the regular people who made it what it was.