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Why am I a History Major?

I decided to be a history major because of my experiences in high school. From the time I was three years old until tenth grade, I had wanted to be a veterinarian. However, several enthusiastic history teachers and mediocre chemistry grades made me realize that I was better at understanding events than equations, and that I would rather listen to a story than peer through a microscope.

My whole life, I have always had an interest in museums. I believe that they are essential to helping people understand whatever subject they are interested in because they present the subject in a way that people can relate to. After realizing my interest in history, I started visiting history museums and house museums. I understood that for future people to relate to history as I did in my visits, the places I was visiting and the artifacts I saw would have to be preserved.

My primary major is historic preservation because I want to be active in keeping significant artifacts and places for the future. However, I felt I also needed to major in history because I do not understand history without preservation, or preservation without history. Studying the history behind an event, person, or place without being concerned with the preservation of related places or things seems backwards to me, and working towards the preservation without understanding the history seems superficial. Also, I really just like history classes.

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  • To me historic preservation and history really aren’t that different of majors. Historians preserve history for future generations and decode, to a point, what has happened in the past and preservations keep artifacts in good condition for everyone to enjoy and learn from. So what you said about not understanding historic preservation without history and vice versa makes complete sense to me. At this point in time I am thinking of minoring in museums studies for the same reason. Not only because I want to work in a museum but also because I want to preserve the things that we have in museums for future generations to learn about. History and preservation just seem to go together.